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Get the answers to all your questions on the ALG Vacations® WAVES® Rewards Program for travel advisors, from earning points to redeeming them.


Get the answers to all your questions on the ALG Vacations® WAVES® Rewards Program for travel advisors, from earning points to redeeming them.


Get the answers to all your questions on the ALG Vacations® WAVES® Rewards Program for travel advisors, from earning points to redeeming them.


Get the answers to all your questions on the ALG Vacations® WAVES® Rewards Program for travel advisors, from earning points to redeeming them.

WAVES® Account Questions

Setting Up and Managing Your Account

How do I sign up for WAVES®?

Within 2 days of applying payment to your first ALG Vacations® booking in VAX VacationAccess, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to your WAVES dashboard. Use the included link and temporary password within 60 days to agree to the terms and conditions and complete your registration. To ensure you receive important communications regarding your account, please confirm that your VAX account has your preferred email address on file. Note: For credit card information security, advisor email addresses must be unique for each VAX agency number.

Why can’t I access my dashboard with Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is, unfortunately, not a supported browser for this program. Please try another browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari) to display the content correctly.

I get an error message when I log in. How can I move past it?

You can bypass it by pressing F5 (some keyboards require you to hold down the Fn key + F5). The page will load momentarily, allowing you to access your dashboard.

Why do I have multiple WAVES® accounts?

If you book under more than one agency number, you will have one WAVES account for each agency. Please note that while you must register for each account individually, points are automatically tracked according to the agency number and VAX VacationAccess username you use when booking.

AAA advisors: We are contractually required to keep your Travel Impressions bookings separate from your general ALG Vacations® bookings. Each account must be registered for WAVES, and your Travel Impressions WAVES account will begin with a “T”:

  • ALG Vacations® WAVES® account = 12345678 

  • Travel Impressions WAVES® account = T12345678 

I heard about a new ALG Vacations® recognition program. Where can I find more information?

Offering exclusive benefits, WAVEMAKER® honors our top 1,000 WAVES® advisors. Learn more about WAVEMAKER® here, or check the WAVEMAKER section of your WAVES dashboard.

WAVES® Points Questions

Earning and Using WAVES® Points

How do I register my booking to earn points?

The points will be automatically added to your account after you make and apply payment to your qualifying booking in VAX VacationAccess. No need to submit any forms! Please note that call center bookings do not qualify for WAVES® points (with the exception of contracted groups) and that points are nontransferable.

When will I receive my points?

Points are considered pending until your booking travels, switching to active status up to nine days after departure. Once points become active, they’re yours to spend! You can view both your pending and active points in your WAVES® dashboard.

Do my points expire?

Your points will never expire as long as you:  


  1. Complete your registration within 60 days of receiving your original welcome email, which will enable you to continue earning points. Welcome emails are generated 13 days after you make your first ALG Vacations® booking with a paid deposit. Please note that if you do not join the WAVES® program by day 60, you will lose any points you have accrued and will stop earning until you complete your registration. 

  1. Have a minimum of one booking travel every 12 months to keep your account active. 

Will my points be able to move with me if I switch agencies?

Yes, your points can be merged once you receive a WAVES® account under your new agency; if you created a new VAX username; or if your agency has changed its VAX number. You will need to contact the WAVES® team at for assistance once your new account has been created.


Please note that once your old account has been merged into your new account, it cannot be undone. All of your booking history and points will move into your new account. Any bookings that have not yet traveled or that you book in the future using your previous VAX account will automatically be applied to your new account. Once your accounts have been merged, you will still have access to your old account to view your virtual Visa card information.

Will I earn points if someone else is making bookings on my behalf?

Unfortunately, no. Because points are tracked by agency number and VAX username, if another advisor books on your behalf using their VAX username, the points will be awarded to their WAVES® account and cannot be transferred.

Can I earn points on group bookings?

Yes, both GroupEase® and contracted groups (for child bookings) qualify for base points! Bonus points apply to groups only when specified.

Will bookings that I make over the phone receive points?

FIT and GroupEase® call center bookings are not eligible for WAVES® rewards points. Only contracted group bookings made via the Groups call center will qualify.

Can I use my points for travel?

Yes! You can redeem points toward travel at participating properties. Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights can also be purchased with points, as well as air credit for scheduled airfare. Find full details here.

Virtual Visa Questions

Using Your WAVES® Visa

How many points will I need before I can convert them onto a virtual Visa credit card?

You will need a minimum of 7,935 points before you can convert them onto your card.

When will I receive my credit card in the mail?

You will not receive a physical credit card. Instead, you’ll receive a virtual Visa card within your WAVES® dashboard. Once your minimum point balance is met to convert points to cash, you can use your card number anywhere Visa is accepted online. In addition, your card can also be used with mobile pay apps, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as PayPal or Venmo.

How do I convert points to my virtual visa?

Get step-by-step guidance here.

Can I convert money on my Visa card back into WAVES® points?

Unfortunately, no. Once points have been converted to cash, they cannot be reverted back to WAVES® points. All conversions to the Visa card are final.

How many points can I transfer at once to my Visa card?

You can transfer up to a maximum value of $10,000 within one day (as a single or multiple transactions).

What is the maximum amount of money that I can convert onto my Visa card?

The maximum dollar amount that can be held on a card at any time is $10,000.

What is the maximum amount of money that I can spend using my Visa card?

The maximum dollar amount that can be spent at any one time is $5,000 within 24 hours.

Where can I use my card?

Virtual Visa cards can be used online or via mobile. You can add your card to your favorite retailer, service, or fast-food mobile apps as a payment method, as well as with mobile pay apps such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.

How do I use my card online?

All you need is the 16-digit card number, expiration date, and security code (CVV), which can be found in your WAVES® dashboard. Most online merchants run an address verification during the checkout process, so be sure to keep your Visa address current.

What should I do if I think my card number was stolen?

Contact Visa Cardholder Services immediately at 866-230-3809. Your account will be closed to block it from fraudulent purchases. A new card will be issued for the remaining balance, minus a card reissue fee. Your new card number, expiration date, and CVV will be accessible from your dashboard.

Does my card expire?

Yes, your virtual Visa card expires every three years. As long as you remain active in the WAVES® program, your card will automatically be reissued upon expiration.

Minimum night stay may apply unless otherwise stated. Restrictions apply for bonus WAVES® offers. Excludes contracted and GroupEase® groups bookings and bookings made via the call center unless otherwise noted. Every contracted group booking made online and via the ALG Vacations® Groups call center earns base level WAVES points. FIT bookings made via the call center do not qualify for base or bonus WAVES points. Advisors must be registered to book ALG Vacations in VAX VacationAccess at the time of booking and be employed by agency at the time of points redemption to qualify. WAVES points are automatically tracked based on VAX agency number and user name. Offers are subject to change without notice. Offers are not retroactive and additional restrictions may apply. This program may be altered or canceled at any time without notice.

ALG Vacations® is not responsible for errors or omissions. Bookings are subject to the applicable brand’s current terms and conditions. ALG Vacations materials (including, but not limited to, names, trademark, service marks, logos, marketing materials, etc.) shall not be used, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, except with the express written consent of ALG Vacations. CST #2139014-20.