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Travel Protection Plus FAQ

ALG Vacations® Travel Protection Plus is a great way to take the worry out of travel. The answers to common questions regarding this program are conveniently found here.

Travel Protection Plus FAQ

ALG Vacations® Travel Protection Plus is a great way to take the worry out of travel. The answers to common questions regarding this program are conveniently found here.

Travel Protection Plus FAQ

ALG Vacations® Travel Protection Plus is a great way to take the worry out of travel. The answers to common questions regarding this program are conveniently found here.

Travel Protection Plus FAQ

ALG Vacations® Travel Protection Plus is a great way to take the worry out of travel. The answers to common questions regarding this program are conveniently found here.

General TPP Questions

What's new with Travel Protection Plus effective 1/11/24?

The Missed Connection coverage was doubled to $1,000 per person; the Trip Delay coverage was reduced to $1,000 per person (since 99% of 2023 claims were under $1,000); and there was a moderate price increase on some tiers (based on package price), from $0 - $10 per person.

Do all of the ALG Vacations® brands offer Travel Protection Plus?

No, Southwest Vacations does not. They offer their own Southwest Vacations’ Travel Protection with a few pre-departure benefit changes and a pricing model that is 7.5% of the overall trip cost. For full details, visit Southwest Vacations® Travel Protection page here.

Why don’t I see Travel Protection Plus when booking out of a Canadian origin?

Our plans are only valid for U.S. residents.

How does the During Travel Protection Plan differ from Travel Protection Plus?

The nonrefundable During Travel Protection option provides the same benefits of the Travel Protection Plus post-departure plan. It does not include the pre-departure penalty waiver. This option can be added up to 2 days prior to departure and since it does not provide the full benefits of Travel Protection Plus, it has a lower price. This is a great option for last-minute type reservations that no longer qualify for the Travel Protection Plus option which must be added within 7 days after the initial deposit.

Are there any tools in VAX to help us sell Travel Protection?

Travel Protection Pricing in Sales Emails
VAX has added travel protection merchandising in the email sales tool. Travel protection can now be displayed relative to each hotel/room category.

  • Simply add travel protection to your itinerary
  • When you use the email sales tool, the relative price will display below each hotel/room category you share
  • This feature allows you to merchandise travel protection within the quoting process to your clients with a relative price


Adding Travel Protection after Booking

  • Add travel protection to bookings up to 7 days (or when final payment is due, whatever comes first) after deposit is made on their initial booking.
  • Convenience - No more need to call into the call center for assistance
  • Upselling - Provides time after you’ve closed the sale to go back and explain the benefits of travel protection and get it added to the reservation
  • Simplicity - Add Travel Protection Plus in the same way you would add in any feature


Adding Travel Protection for a Subset of the Travel Party

  • Book travel protection for fewer passengers than the total on the reservation.
  • Customizable - Sell travel protection to only those customers within a reservation that want it
  • Quick - Assign the travel protection feature to passengers in the Special Service Requests panel of your reservation

Note: This benefit can’t be combined with low deposit or price guarantee.

Who do my customers call when they want to make a claim regarding their policy?

Customers should contact Trip Mate at the phone number listed on their travel documents.

Questions About Pricing

How do I determine the price of Travel Protection Plus?

The price of Travel Protection Plus is based on the per person package price. This includes all added features. Changes to the booking may result in the price updating. The per-person package price is calculated based the rules of each trip component for each passenger. Therefore, you might find that your children fall into a lower price tier than your adult travelers on the same reservation. Because the pricing is variable, the best way to quote is to add it to the reservation first. Once added and you select the Checkout button, the correct price will display as a line item in the pricing panel based on the total package price. Use the Sales Email tool to provide your clients different pricing options (See: Including Travel Protection Pricing in Sales Emails). This will ensure all of the components are being considered to calculate the price. Travel Protection Plus may be added to the reservation within 7 days after the deposit but before final payment.

Can you explain all that is included in the price calculation?

The per-person tier price applied is based on all of the components on the reservation minus the travel protection price (gross price – Travel Protection Plus cost). That includes all features and add-ons as well as any commission added. In summary, it’s the total gross price including any discounts not including travel protection.

Can the price of Travel Protection Plus change after booking or guarantee?

Yes. Changes or modifications to the booking may result in the per person price increasing or decreasing bringing the customer into a different pricing tier.

Are prices standardized for the whole year?

No, there is a $30 per adult holiday surcharge from December 18th through December 30th (children 12 years of age and under are $15).

Where can I find more information about Travel Protection Plus including plan pricing?

For Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations, Travel Impressions, Blue Sky Tours, and United Vacations, visit For Southwest Vacations, visit

Why did the price for travel protection go up when I went to check out?

Advisors should always go to checkout prior to quoting the price. That will ensure that all components added to the cart are priced accurately and are factored into the calculation of the correct tier price. This is especially important when features are being added. The system is designed to update pricing after checkout.

Is the Travel Protection Plus price calculated on the total package price before any promo codes or promotions are applied?

It is calculated with promo codes or promotional prices considered, after which the pricing tier applies.

What age range does “children” encompass, and is there a discount for them? How do I know what the price is for anyone 17 years of age and under?

Children 12 years of age and under are entitled to a lower price. The per-person package price is calculated based on the age rules of each trip component for each passenger. Therefore, you might find that anyone 17 years of age and under fall into a lower price tier than your travelers 18 years of age and older on the same reservation.

Do I need to purchase coverage for my infant?

A lap child is covered under the adult’s policy; this is whom the child will sit with on the plane.

Questions About Fees

What are the reactivation fees?

All brands will allow the Travel Protection Plus to be re-purchased (after it is considered used) at 75% of the original price. When reviewing the prices, please note that the change to the reservation may cause your customer to fall into a different retail tier.

What are Revision/Change and Cancellation Fees?

Any brand fees for the FIRST instance are automatically waived with no charge or reactivation. If your client needs to revise any portion of your vacation prior to departure date that has supplier-imposed fees such as airline and hotel revision penalties, reactivation is required for continued coverage on the booking. Any additional fees incurred from changes made to their vacation after the FIRST revision are not waived.

What is the fee after the one time occurrence is used?

Travel Protection Plus can be re-purchased (after it is considered used) at 75% of the original prices.

My client purchased the cash refund plan. They have now used their coverage and want to reactivate. Can they choose any plan?

Yes. They can chose any plan. They will be subject to the 75% reactivation prices of their chosen plan.

Questions About Modifications

Can I choose to pay a reservation modification fee instead of re-purchasing Travel Protection Plus if the fee is less than the Travel Protection Plus reactivation fee?

Yes. Agents/consumers have the choice to invoke their Travel Protection Plus. For example, if you make an Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight (ENVF) modification and the associated fee is $50 per person, you can choose to pay the $50 per person fee rather than re-purchasing Travel Protection Plus, which will be subject to the reactivation fee which may sometimes be higher.

If a land-only booking is made within the group that included Travel Protection Plus at time of deposit and then air is added, is it noted in the modified booking that there may be an increase in price of the plan?

The Travel Protection option is normally added at checkout for a land-only booking, or when adding air to a land/air booking. Updated pricing will display in the pricing panel of the reservation after clicking the Checkout button.

What happens if I purchased TPP prior to 1/11/24, and modify my booking on 1/11/24 or after?

If a booking with TPP made before 1/11/24 is modified on 1/11/24 or after, the new plan cost will apply if the new package price falls into a different pricing tier. You will also receive the new Missed Connection coverage up to $1,000 per person and Trip Delay coverage up to $1,000 per person.

Questions About Travel Credits

What are the parameters around the travel credits?
  • Valid for travel commencing 395 days from original departure date
  • Non-refundable, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and must be used by expiration date
  • Will be issued in the names of the passengerson the original reservation
  • Must be applied to the same ALGV brand as the original booking
  • All refunds must be requested within 60 days of the date of cancellation
Will the funds be held on the booking or will there be a voucher, physical card, or virtual card?

Travel credit will be held on the original booking.

If they receive a travel credit, can they rebook and add Travel Protection Plus on the next booking?


Part A & Pre-Departure Benefits Questions

What is Price Guarantee?

If the price of your vacation goes down after making the vacation booking, Travel Protection Plus entitles you to receive the lowest price in the following circumstances:


  • Scheduled Air and Hotel-Only Vacations: Price Guarantee applies only on the hotel portion of the vacation
  • Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights Vacations: Price Guarantee applies on the air and hotel portion of the vacation
  • The Price Guarantee is not available on groups booked through our group department.
    The Price Guarantee applies to Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, and Central America vacations
  • The price adjustment must be made to the reservation while the lower rate is available in the system
  • Comparison price must be with the same brand as original booking


What happens when an agent obtains a Price Guarantee? If the new price causes the travel protection to be in a lower category, will it go down or will the price remain the same based on the original package price?

The travel protection price will update automatically after the Price Guarantee adjustment. The updated tier price will be honored.

What are the restrictions for Cancel for Any Reason?

You may cancel your vacation for ANY reason up to two hours prior to the scheduled departure and receive a full refund for your vacation, including non-refundable airfares. Non-refundable hotel rates are not included. Your refund is made in the original form of payment unless at the time of purchase you elected to receive a portion or all of your refund in the form of travel credits.

Exception: Southwest Vacations flights are nonrefundable. Travelers will instead be issued an airline credit valid for future travel for up to one year from original date of purchase.

Do any of the Travel Protection Plus plans cover non-refundable hotels?


What are the guidelines for hurricane protection?

The Hurricane Travel Credit applies for vacations departing June through November. While in destination, if your vacation is interrupted for 24 hours or more due to a category one or greater hurricane, you will receive a refund for unused or interrupted vacation nights plus a “Fresh Start” certificate for a future vacation.


“Fresh Start” certificate amounts are: 

  • $100 per adult, $50 per child (12 years and younger) for Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flights
  • $25 per person for Scheduled Air Vacations
  • Non-transferable and not redeemable for cash
  • Can be used on a future vacation for travel any time (excluding holidays) for one year from the original departure date


A qualifying disruption occurs when your hotel requires you to be displaced from your room for 24 hours or more due to the result of a category one or greater hurricane and does not apply to hurricane watches, warnings, or tropical storms. The Hurricane Travel Credit Plan applies to unused nights or the nights you are displaced from your room if a comparable hotel of equal or greater hotel rating is not provided.


Note: Business rules concerning the air portion of the vacation will vary by airline. Typically, each airline’s rules will be published when a hurricane/tropical storm occurs and will be specific to that storm. Typical practices will allow you to be re-accommodated on your airline’s next available return flight and/or may allow you to rebook your return to return early and waive the re-ticketing fee, subject to availability.


Clients who believe they are eligible for benefits stated above due to a hurricane will need to send a written request with their name, hoteland a description of their displacement to:

(Vacation Brand)
Attention: Customer Services
8969 N Port Washington Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1460

Restrictions apply. For complete details about Travel Protection Plus, visit

ALG Vacations® is not responsible for errors or omissions. Bookings are subject to the applicable brand’s current terms and conditions. ALG Vacations materials (including, but not limited to, names, trademark, service marks, logos, marketing materials, etc.) shall not be used, reproduced, transmitted or distributed in any way, except with the express written consent of ALG Vacations. CST #2139014-20.